Gaskets & Seals

American Mat & Rubber has been in business for 50 years. We are dedicated to providing quality gaskets and seals that can withstand the harshest conditions. Our gaskets and seals are manufactured and distributed to a wide range of industries for a variety of applications, from the Commercial, Fitness, Marine, Transportation, Agricultural, Mining, Industrial, Power Generation, Aerospace and Defense, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, General Manufacturing Industries

We are dedicated to providing quality products with unparalleled customer service and product support. Contact American Mat & Rubbers and we will help you find the right gasket and seals for your needs.


Gasket Quality

Choosing the right gasket and seal is imperative to ensure proper sealing performance. Your machinery will only function at its best with the proper gasket. American Mat & Rubber offers quality gaskets that provide the best sealing solutions.

Gasket Materials

We offer a wide variety of gasket materials. Helping determine the correct gasket by considering the compression, stress, and temperature exposure factors. Let our customer service team help you determine the correct sealing material for your application.


Gasket Types

Metallic Gaskets

Metallic gaskets are usually used in various industries. These gaskets and seals are often used in the oil and gas industries, chemical processing, and power generation. These gaskets are made from stainless steel, copper, or bronze, that are able to withstand high temperatures and pressures. Metallic gaskets provide a strong, airtight seal in pipelines, valves, and other types of equipment.

High Temperature Gaskets

High temperature gaskets are made to withstand extreme heat and pressure. Our high temperature gaskets are made from materials that can resist thermal degradation and maintain their structure even in extreme conditions. These gaskets are commonly used in industrial applications such as boilers, furnaces, and pipelines, where there is an environment of high temps and constant pressure. They are vital to ensuring proper sealing and to prevent leaks that can lead to unsafe conditions and equipment failures.

Graphite Gaskets

Graphite gaskets have excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties; therefore, most often used in a variety of industrial applications. They are made of high-purity graphite and can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures. Graphite gaskets are often used in high-temperature applications such as steam turbines, boilers, and furnaces, as well as in chemical processing and petrochemical industries. They are also used in applications where there is a need for a strong, reliable, and chemical-resistant seal.

Garlock Gaskets

Garlock gaskets are high-quality sealing products that are used in various industrial applications to prevent leaks and ensure the safe and efficient operation of machinery and equipment. They have been effectively used in the machine building industry, the chemical processing, supply facilities and power plants. Garlock Gaskets and seals, helping reduce service calls and increase uptime even under the most extreme conditions. Garlock gaskets are offered in a wide range of materials and designs including Graphite Gaskets, High Temperature Gaskets, Metal Gaskets.

Klinger Gaskets

Klinger Gaskets offer high-quality gaskets used in various industries. The gaskets are both reliable and durable; hence, used in a wide range of applications, such as automotive to aerospace. Klinger Gaskets comes in a diverse range of gaskets, including spiral wound gaskets, compressed fiber gaskets, and metallic gaskets. Klinger Gaskets are high quality and are established as a trusted name in the gasket industry.

Boiler Gaskets

Boiler gaskets are essential in preventing boiler room leaks. They are made of materials like rubber, cork, or fiber and are manufactured to withstand high temperatures and pressure. Boiler gaskets are placed create a seal that prevents hot gases and water from escaping. Without proper sealing, the boiler’s efficiency is compromised, without a doubt causing energy waste and potentially harmful emissions. It is imperative to conduct regular maintenance and replace boiler gaskets to ensure safe and efficient boiler operations.

Non-Asbestos Gaskets

Non-asbestos gaskets are a type of sealing material used in applications where traditional asbestos-containing gaskets may pose a health risk. These gaskets are made from a variety of materials, including aramid fibers, fiberglass, and other organic and inorganic materials. Non-asbestos gaskets offer similar sealing properties as asbestos-containing gaskets, without the potential health hazards of asbestos exposure. Moreover, they are commonly used in a range of industrial applications, including in automotive, manufacturing, and construction industries.

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets are manufactured from alternating layers of metal and filler material. They are commonly used in the the oil and gas industry because of their high-temperature and high-pressure applications. The metal layers provide structural support, while the filler material, such as graphite or PTFE, provides a seal between the flanges. Spiral wound gaskets can be customized to fit various sizes and shapes of flanges; thus, making them a versatile and reliable sealing option.

Full Face Gaskets

Full face gaskets are gaskets that cover the whole face of the flange, clearly providing a high level of leak protection. They are commonly used in applications where a safe and reliable seal is necessary, such as in the oil and gas industry, chemical plants, and pipelines. Full face gaskets are typically made from materials such as rubber, cork, or graphite, and can be customized to fit specific applications. They are easy to install and can withstand high pressures and temperatures, undoubtedly making them a popular choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

Flange Gaskets

Flange gaskets create a secure seal between two flanges in a piping system. They are made to fill the space between the two flanges, preventing leaks of fluids or gases. In addition, flange gaskets are made from a variety of materials depending on the application, such as rubber, cork, or metal. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses to accommodate different types of flanges and pressure ratings. Proper selection and installation of flange gaskets are critical to ensure a leak-free connection and prevent environmental contamination and safety hazards.

Ring Gaskets

Ring gaskets are mechanical seals that are used to prevent leaks between two or more components. They are circular in shape and are typically made of materials such as rubber, silicone, or metal. Ring gaskets work by being compressed between two surfaces, creating a tight seal that prevent fluid or gas leaks. Consequently, they are commonly used in industries, such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and manufacturing, where ensuring a leak-free connection is critical for safety and efficiency.

Marine Gaskets

Marine gaskets are essential for ensuring a tight seal in various marine applications. They are designed to withstand harsh marine environments, including saltwater, extreme temperatures, and pressure. Marine gaskets are made from rubber, silicone, and metal, depending on the specific application needs. They are used in various marine equipment, including engines, pumps, and valves, to prevent leaks and ensure optimal performance. Proper maintenance and replacement of marine gaskets are crucial to ensure the safety and efficiency of marine operations.

Industrial Gaskets

Industrial gaskets help prevent leakage between two surfaces in machines. They are made from a variety of materials including rubber, silicone, cork, or metal and are designed to withstand high pressure and temperature. Additionally, industrial gaskets are used in a wide range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, and manufacturing. They play a crucial role in maintaining the equipment’s integrity and reliability by preventing leaks and ensuring proper sealing between components.

Rubber Gaskets

Rubber gaskets are used in industrial and automotive applications providing a seal between two surfaces. They are made from a variety of materials, including natural rubber, synthetic rubber, neoprene, and silicone, and come in a range of sizes and shapes. Clearly, rubber gaskets are preferred over other materials because of their durability, flexibility, and resistance to heat and chemicals. They are used in a wide variety of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries.

Custom Gaskets

Custom gaskets are used in a wide range of industries for sealing applications. These gaskets are specially designed to fit the unique specifications of a particular application and provide a secure, leak-free seal. They can be made from a variety of materials, including rubber, silicone, cork, and more, depending on the specific needs of the application. Furthermore, custom gaskets are used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, where precision and reliability are essential.