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Gasket & Packing specifications. Military Specification and Special Application Sheet Stocks and Gaskets also available. Contact Us for additional information and quotes.

Common Name Chemical Name Tensile/Elong. Temperature Range (F) General Properties
Natural Rubber Natural Isoprene 3200/800 -65 to +212 Good physical properties, good resistance to abrasion. Fair resistance to weather and ozone exposure. Excellent non-oil resistance to rubber compound designed to resist flow under compression. Standard for gasket cutting in plumbing trade and general purpose use against water, air and low pressure steam.
Black & Red Rubber SBR
700/300 -65 to +250 Excellent physical properties including abrasion, tear strength and soft rubber seal where applied pressures are light. Resists most inorganic salts, ammonia, acids, and alkalis. Non-toxic and non-marking.
C.I Rubber SBR
700/300 -65 to +250 Same as above except cloth inserted to prevent creep in flanges.
Butyl SBR
1500/500 -40 to +300 Good weathering resistance. Excellent dialectic properties. Low permeability to air. Resists effects of many acids, alkalis and ozone at moderately high temperatures.
EPDM Ethylene
1650/450 -90 to +035 Hydrocarbon rubber having excellent resistance to heat aging, oxidation, ozone, acids, alkalis, hydraulic fluid and electrical sensitivity.
Buna-N Nitrile
1000/400 -40 to +200 Commercial grade general purpose sheet for extreme exposure to oil, aromatic and hydrocarbon solvents.
Neoprene Poly-chloroprene 100/400 -40 to +200 Commercial grade general purpose sheet with good oil and weather resistance properties. Excellent for mounting pads, diluted acids and alkaline applications.
Hypalon Chloro-Sulfinated
2400/400 -40 to +300 Excellent acid resistance such as sulfuric acid and hypo chlorite solutions, outstanding weather, oil, abrasion, flame and heat resistance.
Urethane Polyurethane 4000 -40 to +250 Highest available abrasion resistance, strength and load bearing capacity. Excellent oil and solvent resistance.
Silicone Dimethyl-polysiloxame -165 to +500 Outstanding high and low temperature range. Odorless, tasteless, non-corrosive and non-contaminating.
Viton Fluorinated
2250/300 -40 to +400 Unsurpassed for service in oils, fuels, solvents and many chemicals; such as carbon tetrachloride, tuluene, benzene and xylene.
Compressed Asbestos Free Gasket Materials


 asbestos_table_heading  asbestos_table_heading  asbestos_table_heading
Acetic acid A A A A Diesel oil A C B A Oxalic acid B C C B
Acetone B A A B Ethyl acetate B B B B Perchtoroethylene B C C B
Air A A A A Ethyl Alcohol A A A A Petroleum ether A B B A
Aluminium acetate A A A A Ethylene A A A A Phenol C B B C
Aluminium chloride A A A A Ethylene chloride C B B C Phosphoric acid A B B A
Ammonia A A A A Ethylene gjycol A A A A Potassium chlorate A A A A
Ammonium chloride A A A A Ethyl ether A B B A Potassium chloride A A A A
Ammonium hydroxide B B B A Formaldehyde A A A A Potassium hydroxide B B B B
Asphalt (tar) A B A A Freon 12 A C C A Potassium nitrate A A A A
ASTM oil No. I A B B A Freon 22 B C C B Potassium permanganate A A A A
ASTM oil No. 3 A C B A Glycerine A A A A Propane A B B A
Aviation fuel A C C A Heating oil A C C A Salt ( NaCI ) A A A A
Barium chloride A A A A Hydraulic oil A C C A Sea water A A A A
Benzene ( Benzol ) A C C A Hydrochloric acid 37% C C C C Silicone oil A A A A
Benzine (Petroleum Spirit) A C C A Hydrogen A A A A Soap A A A A
Boiler feed water A A A A Hydrogen chloride (dry) A A A A Soda (sodium carbonate) A A A A
Borax A A A A Hydrogen peroxide (to 6%) A A A A Sodium hydroxide B B B B
Boric acid A A A A lso-octane A B B A Sodium sulphide A A A A
Butane A C C A Iso-propyl alcohol A A A A Starch A A A A
Calcium chloride A A A A Kerosene A C B A Steam H,O A A A A
Calcium hydroxide A A A A Lead acetate A A A A Sulphur dioxide B C C B
Calcium hypochloride A B B A Lime water A A A A Sulphuric acid 20% C C C C
Calcium sulphate A A A A Methane A A A A Sulphuric acid 50% C C C C
Carbolic acid B B B B Methyl alcohol A A A A Sulphuric acid 96% C C C C
Carbon dioxide A A A A Methyl chloride B C C B Sulphurous acid H2S03 B B B B
Carbon disulphide C C C B Methyl ethyl ketone B C C B Tannin (tannic acid) A A A A
Carbon tetra chloride B C C B Mineral oil A C C A Tartaric acid A A A A
Chlorine (dry) Cl2 A B B A Naphtha A C C A Toluene A C B A
Chlorine (wet) Cl2 B C C B Nitric acid 20% C C C C Transformer oil A B B A
Chlorine water (ca. 0 ,5 %) A A A A Nitric acid 40% C C C C Trichiorethylene B C C B
Chloroform B C C B Nitrobenzene B C C B Turpentine A C B A
Chromic acid B C C B Nitrogen A A A A Vinyl Acetate A C C A
Citric Acid A A A A Octane A C B A Water A A A A
Copper Acetate A A A A Oleic Acid A A A A Xylol A C C A

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Gaskets Refrigeration

Following are some of the available refrigeration gaskets. For more details or for more models please Contact Us.

094 1001 1002
094 1001  1002
1003 1004 1006
 1003  1004  1006
1007 1050 1059
 1007  1050  1059
2002 3000 4000
2002  3000  4000
5000 5451 6000
 5000  5451  6000
7000 8000 9000
 7000  8000  9000
10000 For additional gaskets
contact us
 10000  10338

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Gaskets – Custom Extrusions

custom_extrusionDual durometer profiles for specific applications where generic gaskets may not work. Applications where these innovative compounds and profiles include but are not limited to:

  • Where two separate colors are required in the same extrusion.
  • Where a soft sealing surface is required, as well as, a hard mechanical engagement.
  • Where a higher cost polymer is required on one surface but a lower cost polymer is sufficient on another surface.
  • Where ease of installation and low shrinkage is not only necessary but critical.


Dual durometer profiles may be wrapped with conductive tape to provide extra stability for EMI/RFI shielded enclosures. The base of the profile provides a solid mounting platform for the sponge sealing segment allowing low closure effort.

These extrusions exhibit mechanically attached flange seals for doors, windows, panels or any other aperture requiring open-close type movements for long life. These seals function well in many of the transportation, architectural, appliance, electrical and industrial markets.

Many of the materials available include:

  • Close Cell EPDM Sponge and Solid
  • Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge (available in UL 94 HB through UL 94 VO grades) and Solid
  • Custom Colors
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive and heat activated tape.

For specific applications contact us for the best possible design and installation of your custom extrusion.

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