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Welcome to American Mat & Rubber

American Mat and Rubber is a family owned and operated company. We have 50 years of experience manufacturing and distributing rubber and industrial products. We service a multitude of different industries. From aerospace and defense to transportation, our customer base heavily relies on our expertise to deliver quality products.

Our customer focused initiative, is the driving force behind our business. We work closely with the customers to listen to their needs and tailor products that deliver value. We are dedicated to providing quality products, unparalleled customer service that is backed by excellent product support, has made us industry leaders.

The American Mat & Rubber Products has an experienced team ready to help you find the perfect solution to your needs.

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Servicing the Following Industries Worldwide
Aerospace and Defense

Catering to Aerospace and Defense by supplying specialty rubber matting, custom gaskets, rubber seals, plus much more.


Wide selection of heavy-duty, durable, slip-resistant rubber matting solutions, rubber seals and gaskets for a variety of agricultural applications.


Excellent commercial flooring solutions and industrial gaskets and seals that provide good value, ease of maintenance ideal for commercial use.


Premium rubber flooring solutions for recreational applications. Made of the highest quality synthetic and recycled rubber that offers the perfect multi-sport surface.

Food and Beverage

Durable restaurant mats, utility mats or food service mats that are strong, grease resistant, non-slip with anti-fatigue properties. Also providing refrigeration gaskets and seals.

General Manufacturing

Offering specialty flooring, grease resistant and anti-fatigue matting, sealing materials, refrigeration gaskets and molded parts and extrusions.


Offering stylish, high performance, easy-to-maintain flooring, specialty matting that can withstand heavy traffic, luggage, carts, equipment and the test of time.


Providing the marine industry anti-static/non-conductive matting, industrial mats & runners, specialty custom gaskets tailored to the marine industry.


Servicing the mining industry worldwide, we take pride in providing anti-static/non-conductive matting, industrial sheet rubber, custom fabricated gaskets.


Providing anti-fatigue matting solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The anti-microbial mats protect against mold, bacteria and air-borne contaminants.

Power Generation

Power plants rely on American Mat and Rubber as a major provider of industrial gaskets, seals, sheet rubber, rubber matting, custom rubber flooring.


Transportation presents special design requirements. High traffic areas such as these demand flooring products that are durable, and resistant to constant movement.

Gasket Types

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